New luxury trains in Japan in 2017 - by DMC Japan

New luxury trains in Japan in 2017 - by DMC Japan

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In 2017, 2 new luxury trains will launch in Japan

Rail travel in Japan will reach new heights of luxury in 2017 with the launch of new cruise trains by JR East and JR West.

Twilight Express Mizukaze, operated by JR West, will journey through the traditional and unspoiled Japanese landscape of West Japan: the rich history and culture of Kyoto, Matsue, Izumo and Miyajima, and the beautiful natural scenery of the Sea of Japan, Mt. Daisen, and the Seto Inland Sea islands. Journeys will embark from Kyoto, Osaka and Shimonoseki stations.


From JR East, ‘Train Suite Shiki-Shima’ will offer luxury journeys departing from Tokyo’s Ueno station through the north-eastern region of Tohoku and up into Hokkaido. Train Suite Shiki-Shima will offer a prime view of Japan’s rich, beautiful natural scenery, and the local arts, crafts and foods of each region and the unique culture that permeates Japanese people’s daily lives. See the diverse seasonal beauty of Japan from the vantage point of a luxury train.

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